Kelly Campanella


Kelly Campanella was born and raised in a rural community, but spent over a decade living and creating art in the Bay Area & Los Angeles. She received a BFA in Drawing & Painting and is currently pursuing a Masters in Studio Arts in Long Beach, California. Using her environment as inspiration, Campanella creates large scale personal narrative paintings. Although there is always an initial concept in her work, she chooses not to let it dictate where the art goes. The final narrative is often ambiguous and always pushes the viewer to look closer. Mapping out fictional spaces based on memory, Campanella stays committed to disenfranchised communities and seeks to open up a dialogue about gender issues, environmental justice, and socio-economic privilege. Campanella uses the neighborhoods she lives in as a backdrop to explore how humans become what they are. Using architecture, familiar furniture, local children, and images of past homes, Campanella communicates an intersection of emotions: entrapment, belonging and comfort. In addition to community and identity, her art wrestles with the idea of home and the role it plays in each life. The images teeter on an edge, between humor and awkward familiarity. It is in Campanella's paintings that she tells a personal story; a story that continues to open up dialogue and honor creativity, long after the product is complete.